by Uglyhead

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releases April 26, 2019

Vocals and Synths: Jake Alejo
Drums on "Disembodied": Galen Waling
Recorded and Mixed by Jake Alejo
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at AudibleOddities


all rights reserved



Uglyhead Seattle, Washington

Experimental electronic project headed by Jake Alejo. Uglyhead has a long history of performing both solo and as a collaboration with other musicians.

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Track Name: Here But Not Here
unclear season, despondent chore
undress the being, reveal and ignore
this side of seeing, a transparent flaw
can I not happen?
invisible flesh raw
the visible is enemy
fade in, fade out
through skull I unsee

here but not
here but here

can't detect the shape
it turns the eye inside out
a face that forms a question
a body causes doubt
a welcome disappearance
an invisible way out

fade in, fade out
no memory
transparent flesh, a face to unsee
Track Name: There But Not There
breaking out
running out
face off outside
skin off outside
brain off outside
eyes out, blood off
there but not there
blank heart, blank stare
there but not there
there but not there
floating, spacing, body erasing
there but not there
vanish into thin air
nothing's left inside
not quite suicide
there but not there
I'm Invisible
I'm Invisible
Track Name: Disembodied
no size am I
leave the body behind
outside am I
no face
a waste of time
remove the skin, open it wide
replace existence
I'm on my back, nothing inside
I did not ask for this
I am silent all of the time
wasted space
there's no reason, there is no life
I just need to escape
I want to exist outside
I am no one
I want to let this face die
I am no one
I wand to leave this all behind
I am no one
a rotting cage, confined
I am no one
I want to exist outside
Track Name: Too Real For Love
speak now, manipulator
speak now, regurgitator
your words come from the hole in your chest
open armed sycophant
use me up until there's nothing left
you're speaking words that are meaningless
take everything and move on to someone else
insincere success, go fuck yourself

too real for love
I'm too real for love
too real for love
I'm too real for love
Track Name: The Funhole
how far can my eyes see in?
where does it end? where do I begin?
put it all in
where does it all go?
everything, anyone, down below

anything and everyone
put them in
now they're gone

everything you want, everything you need
everything you have, everything you see
where does it end?
where do I begin?
take everything
put it all in

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